Strategic Alliances & Smart Partnership

We foster and maintain solid working relationships with notable law firms/ practitioner on litigation management and support service. Our previous engagements have a proven track record. We also recommend and appoint them as Counsel on behalf of the client based on their immediate needs.

In the industry we are one of the very few audit firms who offers this services and has an astounding track record of success. Hence our clients have the privilege of working with a single entity and this proves a great advantage especially since the process is also simplified.


We also work collaborative on shared assignments/projects with strategic partners from the accounting/ financial firms. Our collaborative efforts have produced stellar results for clients as we take pride in nurturing a strategic working relationship with financial firms to this end.

Our partnership allows us to bank into the resources and the wisdom of leading world class financial which are well versed in the Corporate Finance, Corporate Insolvency/Recovery, Corporate Governance and General Practice. While working with our partners we share the same manifesto to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients and maintain a cohesive association that operates with the high standards and professionalism while capitalising on the varied industries, expertise and markets (local and international) in which are partners’ posses’ valuable experience.