Tax Planning And Compliance Services

This area of expertise aims at minimising clients’ tax burden through dedicated planning, financial forecasting and constant monitoring of changes in the tax laws and regulations. Chanthiran & Co. believes the best way to maximise tax savings and increase cash flow is through ongoing tax planning conducted throughout the year. The approach used is to maintain continuous and consistent communication with clients with an aim of receiving information which can be instrumental in identifying all tax reduction opportunities.

The services generally cover the following areas:-
  • Tax planning which includes international tax planning, planning for withholding taxes, group tax planning, estate planning and forming legitimate tax avoidance schemes;
  • Tax Compliance services for corporate and personal tax clientele which include preparation, submission and negotiations with the office of the Inland Revenue Board, exemption applications from Real Property Gains Tax and presentation of appeals before the Special Commissioners of the Inland Revenue Board;
  • Advice on general tax legislation including double tax treaties.