Accounting Outsourcing Services

The firm is highly experienced and conversant in assisting its clients with their accounting functions by compiling and documenting complete set of accounting records which are then kept.

Our strong synergistic relationship with contract staff within our vast database has been a formidable force of support for our clients especially given the increasing need for clients to outsource their finance and treasury functions.

We have a steady pool of professionals who are in turn are masters in their respective field, namely accounting, legal, business, IT, engineering and multimedia.

This has enabled the firm to deliver countless successful accounting, finance and even treasury functions related projects for its wide range of clients.

Audit Services, segregated into four general areas, are as follows:-
  • General Audit Services where an independent examination of and an expression of opinion on the financial statements of an entity are made accordance with relevant accounting standards, auditing guidelines and legislation;
  • Value for Money Audits where the efficiency within an entity is evaluated, the objective being the determination of whether available resources are being utilised in the most efficient and effective manner;
  • Acquisition Audits where a range of services, from the expression of an opinion on a financial statement, to feasibility and viability reports on proposals are carried out;
  • Accounting, where financial statements are accurately prepared and the books of accounts as well as registers are properly maintained, to conform to statutory requirements.