Corporate Finance

The firm believes very strongly on the principle of working via a strong network of professionals to be able to act as a one-stop financial advisory centre offering corporate finance related services.

Chanthiran & Co has a well established network of legal, financial, information technology partners as well as venture capitalist to ensure that the clients corporate objectives is packaged in the corporate exercise.

We successfully provide spot on advice and execute diligent pre-planning to ensure that the survival of business is not threatened while we aim for growth in size and record returns for our clients. Our success in key projects testifies this as our key area of strength and effectiveness.

Amongst the services that our firm offers include:-
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
    In respect of M&A exercises, our firm focuses on the quantitative and qualitative factors concerning the acquirer and the target company and then work towards a formidable restructuring exercise to ensure that the M&A exercise is concluded effectively. In our quest to seek and identify opportunities to create synergy for clients, the M&A exercise could involve public listed companies and private limited companies. Recovery/ Insolvency services
    Our team are recongised among clients for their ability to immediately identify problems, gain cooperation, develop viable solutions, and implement them with sensitivity and precision. Our experienced teams offer a full range of advisory and implementation services, from turnaround and restructuring plans to optimised exit strategies.
  • Corporate advisory for listing on Bursa Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) and ACE Market in Bursa Malaysia and also in compliance regulations of Bursa Malaysia and Securities Commission.
  • Financial Advisory
    We act in our advisory capacity for projects requiring assistance in financial modelling and regulatory requirements. We also can assist by tapping on the network of our other business alliances to meet the client’s objectives.
  • Valuation of various business models
    Professional valuation of companies and projects for clients involved in intellectual property
  • Loan applications
    This involves the evaluation of the client’s capital requirements and in the recommendation of the best financing package to meet client’s interest.